Leveraging our Expertise in Collaborative Construction Delivery

Your Home. Your Legacy. Your Dream.

Dark Horse Homes is recognized for partnering with clients to build the highest-quality homes. Dark Horse Home’s approach focuses on our client’s visions and dreams and transforming them into reality.

How do we do that? We align our expertise with the unique needs of our clients, transforming project life cycles, working shoulder to shoulder with you to meet tough specifications, and overcoming obstacles to act as your partner in achieving your specific goals.

We incorporate Integrity, Value and Quality into every phase of your project. It’s not just a set of pretty words, but our commitment to delivering constructable solutions to our clients every day.

People First.

Uniquely You.

Dark Horse Homes works with our clients to manage and construct complex and exclusive luxury homes and properties. We have built a solid reputation for facing the toughest construction delivery challenges while finding innovative ways to deliver projects through the effective management of our people, material, time, and equipment resources.

Our successful project experience results from a construction approach focused on schedule adherence, cost containment and budget compliance, a corporate culture centered on worker safety and a firm structure and methodology for incorporating value and quality into the project life cycle.

We put just as much attention to detail to the invisible as the visible. So, not only are your fixtures and finishes amazing and reflect your personality, but the electrical and plumbing behind the wall is installed correctly using the highest quality components.

Custom Home Services

  • Land acquisition and purchasing
  • Custom architecture services
  • Custom interior and exterior design
  • Hands-on project management

Complete Home Renovation Services.

Sometimes the property is perfect, but the home isn’t. From restoring historic properties to completely renovating a dated fixer-upper, Dark Horse Homes, LLC has the skills, experience, and insight to transform something that seems lost and forgotten, into your vision and dream.

We do that through collaboration and creativity; working alongside you to renovate and remodel your home to your specifications.

We transform “What?” to “Wow!”

Associations and Partners